Sunday, December 9, 2007

our times...

whew! it has been a tough week..or weeks if i may say..for i have been busy working on my thesis experiments plus the presentation i had for the Natural Products Society of the Philippines (NPSP) Annual the book of abstracts that we worked on..aah..i feel so stressed..i just laid down on my bed realizing it's over..

on second though, it isn't over after all..or so the stress i's monday again..another week of my real world..and here comes the stress again..

or maybe i'm overreacting..or maybe i feel tired..or not actually tired, but thinking i am tired..
so much to the stress and pressure and disappointment..i just hope i'll get to the "rewarding" part soon..

and so, i would rather sit back and go through some pictures during NPSP..i had fun..we had fun..for i have unleashed the devil in me when i had fun that time..a time to unwind..realizing importance of what i do as a scientist/researcher, and appreciating the crazy thing about it..for we actually allow ourselves to be stressed, be under pressure, and get disappointed..why? for the reason that we recognize that failure is the beginning of success..that even in the loneliest time of our days, we shine upon the great things we do -- we study what would soon make your lives here are the pictures..the fun times..

by the my friends, wymer and nestey..thank you so much for the hospitality..thank you so much for being a family to you both..

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

labwork..and so it goes...

2 years, 5 months.

It has been 2 years and 5 months since I got myself into MS. And there are more months to count before I could really say "I'm done!" Yes, with the exclamation. This is to stress how much eager I am to finish everything. I would give no more dates, since I end up moving on to the next after the next and the next...It's as if I was meant to work more to realize my worth more. It was indeed exhausting, but I am telling you, you can't get over the wonderful feeling it gives when things come your way so smooth.

Research has been fun. And what makes my stay even more enjoyable are the people I get to work with, share my sentiments with, and those who inspire me to do more than what I though is enough.

My academic mother, and so I call her my MUDRA, has been there to guide me all the way through. It's amazing how she handles everything. Stressed at times, but still managed to have a coffee break with resounding laughter and ease.

My partner - PARDS..who even in her simplest ways would cheer me up when I am getting down..Who would be more sentimental than I am when things didn't go right..and who is jolly as ever as if nothing happened. know who you guys are. I sincerely thank you for being so evil..hahaha..seriously, it would never be this dark without you by my side. more "hahaha" to that...

my family, my bestfriend, my best friend..
my DADDY great KUYA..
there's nothing more I could really say but...THANK YOU for being there..


3 years will only be numbers I'd count. Soon this would end.
But my life here in the goes on..

Monday, November 19, 2007

and so i blog...

it has been long since the society had accepted blogging as a means of self-expression. though, for one, i was not totally convinced of having exposed what i could actually do - express myself out through writing. even if i have been writing down my thoughts for quite some time, it never came to me to really get into this "blogging" part of my life. well, something must have turned the tables since i find myself typing through and posting this here afterwards.. so far, i think this is one good and simple way of easing up from all those unexpected challenges that came along. so this is off to a good start, i guess..Ü